terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2008

What's my Animal Magnetism??

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Look at you, Zebra! Could you have any more style? Your charm and polish put the rest of those uncivilized beasts to shame. Like your zebra counterparts who have keen eyesight, you too, have a discerning eye when it comes to — well, most everything — from who you're attracted to, to where you find them.

There's just something about you. Maybe it's those classically bold stripes that people just can't say no to. You don't need a personal shopper to know that black never misses. Speaking of never missing, your fertile love life is so "on," it's probably as steamy as the watering holes that you roam. You tend to travel the dating plains with your hip herd flanking you on each side. Your entourage helps you spot potential mates and ensures that you don't migrate too far from your ideal. Lucky for you, you have no problem attracting glances and advances from some of the finer species in your habitat. As for your alluring animal magnetism, your class and good looks will surely impress any prey as you make your way through the wild expanses of love.

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Anónimo disse...

"Vanda, you're a Polar Bear in the wild world of love.

You're one clever and complex cub, Polar Bear. Sure, you don't hibernate like most of your cousins, but you're not exactly one to spend all your time chasing tail either. Still, it seems you don't have any trouble reeling in worthy partners with that alluring wit of yours. You're a smarty who isn't afraid to delve into the deeper sides of life. When you're feeling shy and reserved, however, you might just prefer to roam the expanses solo — at least for a while.

But things can get pretty chilly up there in the Arctic Circle. When it's time for you to couple up, you probably look for a mate who can provide both mental, and of course, physical stimulation. So keep your eyes out for a partner who can keep up with your intellectual wanderings and heart-felt emotions. Once you've warmed up to them, there'll be enough heat to melt even the largest snowcap. Yow!"

Oh pah... tens resposta para isto??


Patrícia disse...

Além do resultado da Vanda (beijinho para ti ursinha!) já soube mais 2!! Andam por aí texugos e crocodilos!!! Tenham medo... Muito medo :) Things are getting wild!!!!!!

Anónimo disse...

isto tá bonito!!!
estou a morrer a rir...vejam só isto, eles devem ter trocado os meus resultados com os de outra pessoa qq.

Jô, you're a Tiger in the wild world of love. Grrrr. Go get 'em, Tiger! You know what you want and how to get it. And with your powerful stealth and impressive attitude — who are we to tell you otherwise? You're a natural predator in the lush jungle of love. With plenty of poise, power, and perfect timing, you'll charm the pants off any target you set your sights on. You've got beauty and grace that's irresistible to most who cross your path. Your territory is so well marked, it's not surprising that you sometimes can be a bit of a loner instead of hanging with the pack.

Sophisticated and discriminating, you set your standards high when out hunting for love. Trendy new hot spots are probably your typical habitat — though any place you can find sleek, beautiful mates is good in your book. Your confidence and charm will certainly get your partner purring. And whether it's your bold patterns or the stealthy way you pounce, there's just something people can't resist about you.

só tenho a dizer...GRRR!!!

Alsaharazad disse...

Na terra ou no mar serei sempre um papagaio :-)


"Sara, you're a Puffin in the wild world of love.

Aww, you sweet Puffin. You probably fall on the more traditional side of the relationship spectrum. Mating to you is more about expressing your feelings and being in love than having a frisky frolic on an island with someone you've just met. You probably take a cue from your puffin counterparts in the wild who are monogamous and keep the same mate for life.

You won't be serving many pick-up lines on your menu for romance. But that's not to say that you aren't colorful and playful. You're just more cuddly-sweet than come-hither. You probably would swim the seven seas in search of your soul mate. Once the search is over and you've found that special someone, you're the type to settle into romantic bliss — for good. Your loyalty and devotion are unquestionable. And canoodling with your mate is one of the richest rewards in life to people like you. Essentially, what it comes down to is this: When you find the right one, bye, bye, birdie! You'll be off the market for good."